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Alkaline Water Benefits


Assist health and fitness, weight loss, skin, beauty and hydration by giving the the body that extra boost needed long term.

Home Water Delivery

home water delivery

A1H20 supplies water coolers and water conveyance administration to associations in the more prominent London range. We are a premier Water Delivery Company London and Water Cooler Company.   We are a chief Water Conveyance Organization London and Water Cooler Organization. We conveyance to any home or place of work on the UK territory and …

Shungite Rocks

shungite rocks

Shungite has been utilized as a part of medicinal treatment since the mid eighteenth century. The counter bacterial properties of shungite have been affirmed by current testing. Shungisite is set up by warming rocks with low shungite focuses to 1090–1130 °C and is utilized as a low thickness filler. Medicinal Geology in Russia and NIS. …