Alkaline Water Benefits

Alkaline water works best with people who are physically active for example runners.

When the temperature in the body increases, more acid is circulated around the body.

Long term drinking alkaline water gives that extra boost to make it to the finish line.

Another way of saying this is acid process is “Subcutaneous absorption of trihalomethanes, halo-acetic acids, and haloketones”.

The alkaline water benefits long term help the body absorb nutrients better. The blood is more able to carry these nutrients. If you have kidney problems, taking kidney restricting medications always check with your doctor. Reason being holding more nutrients in the body will not be the best thing because of the kidney not working properly. Best thing to do is spend a couple of years detoxing the filling the body with acidic green vegetables like curly kale, broccoli and parsley. Again if you are healthy and put this in a blended smoothie, alkaline water is good to use for obvious reasons, one being you know its filtered well and treated through the best filtration package on the market.

This water is made locally, free from chloride, fluoride, etc making it safe for children and adults.

Naturally alkaline water can be found in certain areas of the world such as Hawaii’s volcanic region, otherwise it can be made alkaline by ionizing it (with a machine) or adding an alkalising salt. This makes the water taste smoother and more refreshing.

It may help those of you with skin disorders and help assist treatment of all manner of diseases.

Alkaline water higher in antioxidants should help anti-aging because the skin hydration is better and things become more absorbance.

Ionized water has gone through electrolysis making the water more easily absorbed into certain cells in the body that do all-sorts of good stuff.

Those or you interested in weight-loss, alongside what you are already doing this alkaline water will give you that extra boosts the immune system needs.

Spotty people will get a lot from the alkaline water. Whilst going through puberty a lot of acid in the body creates spots. By treating your face with Clearasil and giving your teens the water things will be good.


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