Alkaline Water Is Really Good For You


Alkaline Water is really good for you. It tastes better, the filtration system gives you much more piece of mind and everyone who has it have reported interesting stories. I will tell you more about that soon. My hope is that more of you comment on the blog having tried the water.

Here is why alkaline water is really good for you.

1. Normal drinking water is generally a neutral pH 7. Alkaline water has a higher pH level than regular drinking water which may neutralize the acid in your body.
2. Drinking alkaline water is apparently good for your body. You should experience a greater capacity to your inside digestive system because it reduces the acidity  (The Annals of Otology, Rhinology, and Laryngology, 2012).
3. Alkaline Water after 30 days improves your performance. By reducing the acid in your body you block yeast growth which too much makes you really tired.
4. If you do no exercise whatsoever it really helps and you will notice a difference after 30 days.
5. Imagine how good your internal organs will feel when you flush your body with alkaline water.

If you make a diary of your experience you will be able to see the effects more. By putting pen to paper you are doing two things.

i) Committing yourself on a deeper level.

ii) You will enhance your internal compass.

People with illnesses gravitate towards the alkaline water because they want to recover as quick as possible. There are many alternative herbs and juices on the market. The great news is alkaline water alongside these things will really help them along to do whatever it is they say they do.


3 Replies to “Alkaline Water Is Really Good For You”

  1. I bought a shungite bracelet and when I wore it while on my laptop, it crashed and shut down. The next time it happened again when I wore the bracelet, so I have not been able to wear it again. Was this a coincidence?


    1. Shungite protects you from negative emf frequencies. It absorbs and reduces the impact of negative radiation in your body. It might be a good idea to get a shungite plate and put that under your computer instead. Or a shungite pyramids either side. My theory is this will still protect you but stop the computer from having a reaction to your shungite bracelet.


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