Welcome to my A1H2O about page. This page describes our Alkaline Water product and a little bit about where we are situated. The water is from a high grade medical ionised filtered water. 9.5 Ph is good for alkaline drinking. This is great for sports and fitness. We also can provide 11.5 Ph for more serious medical conditions. Contact Us for more details. Ask for John. Tel: 07949787874



Deliveries are made to your home. Here is where the range of deliveries are from the office.

Health Stones

We also have crystals and they are the best in the world. You can also order  shungite stones  to energise and purify the water. Alternatively we can do this to your order before delivery.


Here is where you can arrange with water cooler systems for convenient time of delivery.  Or you can also arrange a collection of container for a refill.



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